BAFFYNOOK golf club floor lamps are a key design piece, suitable for many spaces. 

The lamps are the outcome of a personal challenge to create a sustainable designer product from an unwanted and unvalued resource. I wanted to create something unique, beautiful and functional by reclaiming and repurposing what has astoundingly become a ‘throw away’ item.

Each lamp is hand made and unique. No two are ever the same.

My first design, the BAFFYNOOK floor lamp, uses the whole club; celebrating the original elements of craftsmanship whilst benefiting the environment. This concept diverts a material that still has a functional value away from landfill, and back into circulation as a versatile and bespoke product. Each club is different and the more I look, the more potential and ideas I see. I am fascinated by the myriad differences in shape, line, purpose, weight, surface indentations, and patterns. These determine the individuality of each lamp and influence the finish and style that I choose.

The design mixes different metals, woods, paint colours, fabric flex, and shades to create a floor lamp that is elegant yet quirky, highly original but with a nod to classic design principles.

My aim is to create a portfolio of distinctive, strong designs using unwanted golf clubs under the BAFFYNOOK brand.