smallerI’m Laura Pendlebury, and good design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional has always been important to me. Early influences were from my mother who trained in Fashion Design, my father who was a keen photographer, and my step father (Tom Hudson) who was an innovative artist and art educator.

I grew up surrounded by cutting edge contemporary art and was fortunate to meet significant artists, see their work and that of students at Cardiff College of Art.

I studied Art and Design whilst doing a teaching degree in Winchester, then in 2002 I retrained and began working as an Interior Spatial Designer.

I’ve designed whole schemes, done visuals, and part models for clients who have had difficulties interpreting 2D plans. I have also worked cooperatively with other designers. See more details on my interior design work here.

It feels a very natural step now to move into actually designing and making a product. I share a workshop with an amazing joiner, who’s knowledge of materials and experience has been extremely helpful.

I have a strong interest in individual design and creativity which is encapsulated so brilliantly in the innovative ways that discarded items are being upcycled and repurposed. Being able to recognise an original object but to view and appreciate it in a totally new and often unexpected way is a joy. Mass produced design offers very little individuality of expression and people are now actively looking for interesting, alternative products that they can relate to. Exploring ideas that give a new purpose to a waste material is deeply satisfying with so many exciting possibilities and challenges.

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